RadicalLocator:These .zip files contain everything necessary to use the RadicalLocator software (Yu, Reichle, Jones, & Liversedge, 2014, Behavior Research Methods, 47, 826-836), including an executable version of the program, source code (written in C# and C++), and two files containing a corpus of 3,500 Chinese characters.


Über-Reader: The code for the Über-Reader model (Reichle, 2021, Computational Models of Reading: A Handbook, Oxford University Press) is not yet available.  Please check again soon.

E-Z Reader: This .zip file contains everything necessary to run simulations using E-Z Reader 10.2 (e.g., Reichle, Pollatsek, & Rayner, 2012, Psychological Review, 119, 155-185), including an executable version of the program, the source code (written in Java), files containing the Schilling et al. (1998) sentence corpus, and detailed instructions.

Erik D. Reichle, Ph.D.

Professor of Cognitive Psychology & Head of Department of Psychology

Macquarie University